I would like to say a few words to my extended BioGeometry family during this global crisis. If there was ever a time to reinforce our bond with the worldwide family, it is now, in order to collectively support each other and generate a positive global energy quality to empower the immunity of all living species.
This pandemic has shown the vulnerability of what some believed was an invincible modern civilization and hopefully teaches those individuals, communities and countries that bought into their supremacy. Facing this invisible killer, all people become equal. The level of immunity is more important now than all the accumulated riches. As the saying goes, “you cannot take it with you”. A change of global ethics was long overdue. The BioGeometry perspective of “we are the environment” finds a new meaning in the midst of this global crisis and the critical turning point of bringing the centering qualities into our individual and collective “immunity” levels through not only the techniques to access BG3, but also by shining a light on our individual and collective thoughts and actions.
The confinement of human beings is allowing pollution to clear up and the Earth to finally breathe. Our modern information age towards the prophesied Golden Age is still constantly increasing the amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the atmosphere, without assessing the fallout of modern technology on (multidimensional) human health and delaying the deployment of solutions.
Electromagnetic waves are producing heat through their motion in the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. This effect continues to increase exponentially with the advances in modern technology. While we focus on reducing fossil fuel gases, we completely ignore the ever-increasing warming effect of electromagnetic waves.
The second effect of EMR – dehydration – is even more dangerous. Life systems are not able to absorb the necessary amounts of water. The BG community understands more than anybody that the vertical negative green subtle energy quality in EMR has a dehydrating effect just like pyramids or domes not placed on a sacred power spot. The dehydrating effect depletes the life force that needs water to manifest. As we increase the amount of electricity in our “environmental” solutions through electric cars and smart cities, we are adding stress to communities and consuming vital life force energy that will reduce the immunity inviting all kinds of pandemics.
BioGeometry’s approach has been to “humanize” modern technology through solutions based on adding the BG3 harmonizing spiritual quality to EMR and transforming the products of modern technology to our benefit. It is a science of environmental harmony bringing solutions that weren’t otherwise possible. In this regard, we hope the skills and teachings are bringing the needed support to you and your families at this time.
This brings me to another point related to human ethics: The cornerstone of BioGeometry is the BG3 subtle energy quality found in power spots and accessed through positive mental practices, religious rituals, and spiritual activities. In BioGeometry, this spiritual balancing healing quality is dealt with in a very practical way to harmonize everyday activities and human products. BioGeometry is a very advanced practical path of spiritual initiation that is at the core of all belief systems.
Our research in BioGeometry shows that lack of ethics in any action produces harmful vertical negative green quality as found in EMR. Through “lies,” humans generate the dehydrating and immune depleting effect and radiate it in their environment – just like EMR. This effect empowers harmful earth radiation grids that increase the immune deficiency of people sleeping or sitting on them.
EMR resonates with us, and the lack of ethics in our actions increases the resonance effect. The BG3 spiritual harmonizing quality supports the centering qualities in everyday life, helping guide us beyond right and wrong, to a universal balance. Bringing out our inner values in our actions is the best way to raise the individual as well as the collective immunity.
On collective levels, we find that misinformation in politics and media have a negative collective effect on the immunity of a nation. While we cannot work directly on the collective levels of a nation we can work on ourselves as each of us is a witness of the whole society. The introduction of very high ethical values in all fields of life should be the driving force of our worldwide BioGeometry family. This type of “action” is the most effective way to affect positive change.
I must also remind you that you should be an example in your community in following all the protection guidelines and practices to reduce the spread of the virus.
To sum it up, the three main avenues to reach our goal of saving humanity and preparing the ground for a golden age are:
  1. Increasing the BG3 work in everyday life to help keep the energy system centered and naturally guide the energy system at this time.
  2. To activate the centering quality on emotional and mental levels through excellence of action in everyday life.
  3. To remember that we are all part of the collective evolution of humanity, a sample of the whole and no individual work is done in vain.
In the above context, I am offering the BG family an important  BioGeometry Signature  from our latest research that will help against dehydration.
We are also attaching an  emitter  shared on the BioGeometry Facebook group to raise immunity and help support the body with the release of 5G.
Best wishes,
Dr. Ibrahim Karim