New BioSignatures Emitter to Enhance Your Immune System as an additional environmental preventative measure in light of viruses (COVID-19 included) and 5G networks effects.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim had created this emitter to enhance your immune system as an additional environmental preventative measure in light of viruses ( COVID-19 included ) and 5G networks effects.
BioSignatures are a set of linear diagrams that enter into resonance with the patterns of energy flow in the body organs. They are conceptually similar to the meridians of Chinese acupuncture, except that BioSignatures relate to the shape of the organ, while the meridians are related to the overall shape of the body.

The BioGeometry BioSignatures emitter is used to connect the BioSignatures to an individual’s energy system. When each pattern enters into resonance of shape with the corresponding shaped energy flow in the body, the harmonized BioSignatures shape balance the energy flow in the body’s energy system.

On both sides of the emitter there are numerous BioSignatures arranged into a circular pattern. In the center there is an empty space reserved for a photo. As a photo contains the energetic information of an individual it can be used to enter into resonance with the BioSignatures. On the boundaries of the emitter we find 7 BioGeometry “L shapes” which amplify this connection.

To use the emitter, print it out to scale and place your photo in the center using double sided tape and hang it in your home (you can also add the photo digitally using a program such as Photoshop before printing). The emitter will work even if the photo is not recent. It is not recommended to laminate, cover, or place the emitter in a drawer. Once a day wipe off any settled dust off the emitter.

Documents to Download:

Immunity Emitter Template (Word)
Immunity Emitter Template (PDF)

Examples of use of the Emitter: