Upcoming Courses & Seminars

  1. Seminario Avanzato di BioGeometria, Istruttore Kris Attard – Roma 2018

    July 4 - July 9
  2. 2-Day BG-EHS Applied Skills Prep Workshop (ASPW) with Sayed Karim – Geneva 2018

    August 18 - August 19
  3. 2-Day BG-EHS Gridlines & BG3 PowerSpot Mapping Workshop (GMPSW) with Sayed Karim – Geneva 2018

    August 20 - August 21
  4. 2-Day BG-EHS Practitioner Training with Sayed Karim – Geneva 2018

    August 22 - August 26
  5. BioGeometry Advanced Training with Kris Attard – Greece 2018

    September 22 - September 27
Students tools are biogeometry students essential tools for their diffenent training course. Before Purchase, you have to be verified as a student of our different training programme of different teacher. Please send us a message using the right form for verification and confirmation regarding purchase students tool.

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BioGeometry trainings are offered in two levels, each training is offered in six full days. The first two levels are the personal development BioGeometry Foundation Training (Comprised of levels 1-3) and BioGeometry Advanced Training (Comprised of levels 4-6), note that trainings are independently organized by BioGeometry certified instructors, and listed on our website. Students will receive a certificate of attendance from the BioGeometry company, with the completion of the Foundation Training and the Advanced Training. The BioGeometry Foundation Training is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Training. After completing the Advanced Training, students can then apply to the Home Solutions Practitioner Licensing Training, which are held on a monthly basis here. Only licensed Home Solutions Practitioners can offer BioGeometry Environmental Home Balancing Services.

Upcoming Training & Seminars