Due to the actual sanitary situation connected to the virus Covid-19, all BioGeometry seminars are cancelled.
The participants who have already paid the fees will get a full refund in the next few days.
BioGeometry International is looking for alternative online teachings and you’ll be informed as soon we have the confirmation.


BioGeometry trainings are offered in two levels, each training is offered in six full days. The first two levels are the personal development BioGeometry Foundation Training (Comprised of levels 1-3) and BioGeometry Advanced Training (Comprised of levels 4-6), note that trainings are independently organized by BioGeometry certified instructors, and listed on our website. Students will receive a certificate of attendance from the BioGeometry company, with the completion of the Foundation Training and the Advanced Training. The BioGeometry Foundation Training is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Training. After completing the Advanced Training, students can then apply to the Home Solutions Practitioner Licensing Training. Only licensed Home Solutions Practitioners can offer BioGeometry Environmental Home Balancing Services.