St. Martin, Wallis, Switzerland
April 7, 2020 Full Moon 07042020=2+2+2=6
6 is the Lover in Tarots, the Water Crystal structure, in resonance with the Moon, symbol of Yin, the Water, the Feminine, the Intuition, the strip number used in BioGeometry to harmonise and modify the structure of the water, healing from a place of dampness and humidity…(and as many more messages as we want to see).
70 days after the first case of Covid-19 was detected in Italy…Around that time I was visiting Dr.Ibrahim Karim in Cairo while his two daughters Doreya and Leila were teaching the Foundation Seminar. As usual it was a blessing to be with the Karim Family and Rawya Karim. They even made a great abundant party for my big 7 birthday with all Egyptian food specialties.
 I was able to ask Dr.Karim many of the unanswered questions about spirituality and BioGeometry subjects. His wisdom is beyond words, and I feel so grateful to be considered as a family member. Being worried about the spread of the C-19 in Italy, I asked him the reasons how this virus appeared and how BioGeometry can help to prevent and protect, increasing the immunity system.
He confirmed exactly the same words he’s been repeating for years: if Humanity does not pay attention to the Electro Magnetic Radiation Field (EMR) in the atmosphere and continues adding more and more Vertical Negative Green through the new communications networks, 2G-3G-4G- and now 5G, its disappearance is inevitable. Humans in the information era are digging the Earth, warming up the air we breathe, changing the organization of our cells with the resulting appearance of autoimmune diseases, poor sleep quality, lack of attention and aggressiveness in children, autism and so on….
To build a strong immune system in this period is essential, and thus increasing the BG3 in the body and at home by wearing BG jewellery and applying the BG standards taught at the seminars. Cultivating pure intentions for the universal wellbeing it also helps, beyond individual interests.
In the meantime, Dr. Karim released a powerful emitter: enhanced immunity BioSignatures and L90 protection from 5G together with other BioSignatures related to the endocrine system and to brain protection.
During the Conference on special topics last June in Victoria, Canada, Dr.Karim in a very soft way mentioned that if Humanity continued at this pace, it will end, as the Earth has the power to crush it as a simple bacteria. A few days ago, when I called him concerning the spiritual meaning of the C-19 he repeated the same words: Humanity has only 2 ways to survive, either we develop new sciences applying the principles of BioGeometry that are as per nature’s design, or we behave ethically in every field. It is clear that this second choice is not happening at the moment as we can see companies and individuals making profit out of the pandemic without consideration of the painful situation affecting people. (see the cost of the masks in the market). In both cases, with us or without us, the Earth will be happy and she will survive us.
Dr.Karim urges us to be the Earth BioGeometry messengers and to share this science with as many institutions, communities, media and professionals right now. Not much time is left. He, his family and team are working day and night to develop new ways to protect the Earth and wake up Humanity.
I end this message with a famous sentence said by the Neapolitan actor Eduardo de Filippo to his wife “Adda passà’a nuttata” (the darkness of the night will pass).
With affection and gratitude
Graziella Zanoletti