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  1. Seminario Fondamentale di BioGeometria, Istruttore Kris Attard – Milano 2018

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    August 18 - August 19
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Biogeometry Environmental Home Solutions Service


Humanizing modern technology and harmonizing our relationship with our living spaces and environment are fundamental tenants of BioGeometry.  Based on over three decades of applied research and development, across various types of environments and geographical locations, BioGeometry environmental solutions are a core application of BioGeometry.  As an applied environmental science, BioGeometry engages the natural Physics of Quality dynamics within our environment, by implementing effective energy-balancing solutions, to restore natural resonant and harmonic vibratory / energy-quality balance.  This work has shed light on the background interactivity between the various sources of stress in our environment (EMFs, geopathic stress, building materials, and structure and design elements) that is exponentially amplifying their overall effect at alarming and ever-increasing rates.

BioGeometry is the only science that has been effectively applied on a wide scale for the harmonization of the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress (Earth energy grids) on biological systems.  The environmental energy harmonization of the Swiss town of Hemberg, in collaboration with mobile telecommunications provider SwissCom, was the first successful application of its kind in the world.  The residents of Hemberg, who were suffering from the allergic condition of electro-sensitivity, reported to the independent monitoring agency, and to the media, that their suffering was alleviated by the implementation of the BioGeometry solutions.  A second project, commissioned by the Kanton of Appenzell for the town of Hirschberg, confirmed the successful application with regards to electro-sensitivity, and also highlighted the positive effects of the BioGeometry solutions on the ecology.  Swiss TV documented the project in a documentary that was aired on Swiss national TV channel SF1.

BG-EHS Service Description

The BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions Service (BG-EHS) is a complete and fully customized BioGeometry environmental harmonization service for your home.  It is based on the BioGeometry methodologies and tools used in larger environmental harmonization projects, such as those mentioned above, which have been specifically tailored for application within the scope of existing residential homes.  BioGeometry energy-quality measurements (BG-EQM), which involve the detection of resonant and harmonic energy patterns from all environmental sources exerting stress on biological functions, provide specific environmental energy-quality assessment for each home to tailor the solutions implemented.  All environmental energy disturbances are identified, and specific BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are applied, within an overall environmental framework solution for the entire home.   BG-EQM’s are conducted using a proprietary system of pendular BioGeometry measurement techniques and tools (not to be confused with mental “dowsing”) that are based on scientific harmonic principles and calibrations, whose accuracy has been confirmed based on correlation with the traditional quantitative measurements used for assessment within the BioGeometry research portfolio.

Based on the above, BG-EHS involves the specific calibration and placement of BioGeometry shapes and tools across all areas of the home.  The clear plexiglass BioGeometry shapes and tools are small in size and are designed to fit seamlessly within any living space and home design, and do not require any maintenance.  Specific and layered BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are implemented to harmonize and transform environmental stress from electro-magnetic, geopathic, topographical, building materials and structural design sources.  This offers a harmonized and humanized energy-quality balanced living environment to positively improve quality-of-life and wellbeing.   Kindly note that sometimes the initial experience of this environmental energy transformation may include some short-lived (2-3 days) benign physiological and psychological cleansing effects (e.g. mild coughing, skin itching,  and/or lucid dreaming) as the body and mind innately and naturally cleanse themselves.

BG-EHS Service Description (Further)

The multi-faceted BioGeometry environmental research portfolio brings awareness to the “electro-smog” phenomena (standing background compression-waves noise resulting from the propagation and interactivity of EMF’s in the environment) and provides solutions to harmonize their effect within a holistic environmental framework.  This compression-waves energy dimension (e.g. sound waves; which compose only a very small part of the broader “inaudible sound-waves” spectrum of compression-waves energy frequencies) is a natural and fundamental part of the energy relationship that we share with our environment(s).   Energy interactions and information exchange, within this compression-waves dimension, are largely based on natural resonant and harmonic patterns, which guide the infinite interactions occurring simultaneously therein.   The scientific Physics of Quality framework underlying BioGeometry categorizes those natural patterns as they relate to biological energy systems into an energy-quality scale of effect.   BioGeometry environmental design shapes and methodologies interact, within this compression-waves dimension of our environment, to introduce centering or balance to those different energy-quality effects within our environment.  This harmonizes the energy-quality effect of environmental stressors on our own energy systems, not only from electro-smog, but also from other energy influences within our environment such as building materials and structures, location and Earth energy geopathic stress (disruptive energy-quality patterns from the compression waves dynamics related to the Earth’s magnetic poles).

BioGeometry environmental home solutions are solely based on the merit of the BioGeometry environmental research portfolio, which is a continuously growing body of research and development (Research Summary Documentation Samples).   BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment; rather, it is a forward-thinking and holistic environmental science, with an immediate applied precautionary and preventative approach, aimed to preserve our quality-of-life in the face of the unprecedented modern techno-stressed environment that we live in.

BG-EHS Service Cost

BioGeometry environmental home solutions services are offered through our growing network of Licensed BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions Practitioners. The services are also offered directly by Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry Projects Team, at limited availability and a premium (kindly email bgehs.info@biogeometry.com).

Licensed BG-EHS Practitioners are independent businesspersons who are directly trained and licensed to specifically offer BG-EHS for existing residential home environments (for projects beyond this scope, kindly contact us directly at info@biogeometry.com).  BG-EHS Practitioners are the only practitioners with access to official BioGeometry tools and methodologies, as well as technical support and continuing education and quality assessment. The duration for the implementation of the work is usually 1-2 days for a traditional three-bedroom family home, at a relative cost of $2,000 – $2,500. Kindly find below the contact information for the official network of Licensed BG-EHS Practitioners.

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