The Miracle of Hemberg


Electro-smog: The Miracle of Hemberg

A pilot research project under the patronage of the Swiss Mediation Authority for Mobile Communication and Environment (MAMCE), and in collaboration with leading governmental telecom provider Swisscom, implemented BioGeometry energy-quality balancing to remedy ailments of electro-sensitivity in the rural town of Hemberg. BioGeometry® was successful in eliminating the ailments of electro-sensitivity, among a number of other health conditions that it remedied, as well as positively impacting the overall ecology of the area. Media coverage, supported by official releases by the MAMCE and an independent study of the project, dubbed the results “The Miracle of Hemberg.” In a Swiss television interview with the Mayor and residents of Hemberg almost two years later (Sept. 2005), the sustained energy-quality balancing effect of BioGeometry was confirmed.

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Swiss TV News Coverage

Press Release Samples: Media communication Project in Hemberg, canton St. Gallen

Berne, 6 August 2003

Media communication Project in Hemberg, canton St. Gallen

Media communication Project in Hemberg, canton St. GallenDifferent persons in Hemberg complain about ecological damages which lead to strong impairments of their well-being. The Mediation Authority for mobile communications and environment have started today a project in agreement with the persons concerned and the Swisscom mobile to clear these impairments by means of BioGeometry®. The project is managed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. Dr. Karim, an Egyptian national, is a certified architect and a Doctor of Science from the Federal Institute of Technology FIT/ETH Zurich. He is working worldwide in BioGeometry® with official research and projects on governmental level. As soon as the preliminary phase of the project is completed, we will inform about the results.

Mediation Authority for Mobilkommunikation and Environment Berne, 6 August 2003 Berne, August 21st, 2003 Invitation for media information Thursday, August 28th, 2003, 11 00 o’clock in the restaurant crown in 9633 Hemberg

Dear media representatives

With our previous press release on August 6th, 2003 we have informed that the Mediation Authority for mobile communications and environment has started a project to use BioGeometry® to clear the impairments on the well-being of different persons in connection with ecological damages. We have promised to inform you about the results.We would like to present a preliminary appraisal on August 28th, 2003. You will be orientated about the project and first results by Mrs Erika Forster, Chief Mediation Officer and Dr. Ibrahim Karim, who manages the project and has carried out the work. We would like to draw your attention here to the fact that filming or photography is not allowed in the church and at the homes of the ones concerned.You are cordially invited to this event.

Yours sincerely Mediation Authority for mobile communications and environment Managing Director R. Lüthi, advocat

Media Conference, 28th of August 2003 in Hemberg Media Report

Starting Situation

On 3rd November 2002 a Hemberg resident informed the Mobile Communication and Environmental Organization, that a few months after the installation of the antenna he started feeling ill: sleeplessness, headache, and distraction. Even more the birds moved away. An onsite interview was scheduled with this resident on 18.12.2002. Another 10 residents appeared for this interview, and they all had similar complaints.

Therefore the organization collected information from the city council of Hemberg, the Swisscom, Hemberg church council, and also St. Gallen district medical doctor, who was already involved in the problem. From these investigations it was clear that the installation of the antenna is correct, and the value limits for protection against not ionized beams are not exceeded. Swisscom installed 900 MHz frequency antennas, although the installation permit allows also under the protection law the use of 1800 MHz frequency antennas.

Even though the organization made the effort of investigation and evaluated possible solutions, the situation thereafter remained tense between concerned people in the city council, the affected people and the organization. The situation proved to be very difficult in every aspect.

At this stage came the contact with Dr. Karim through a personality in the Swiss economy. Dr. Karim explained that he is able to solve the problem of the people by using his developed BioGeometry®. In a first long discussion with the organization Dr. Karim explained the BioGeometry® and the success he achieved using it in coordination with different universities and government bodies. He offered to demonstrate his method directly and cost free during his holiday in Switzerland.

And in response to the organization’s request, the Swisscom was ready to cooperate in this research project, because it supports all efforts to ease the tension in Hemberg. In 6th August 2003 Dr. Karim directly informed the concerned parties and the city council of what he intends to do. And all concerned parties declared their support. On the same day Dr. Karim started his work in Hemberg.

It is about a trial project of the organization that is carried out with permission of all concerned parties. While the organization takes full responsibility. We have decided to start this project after we realized how difficult it is to make any progress. On one hand we noticed that the quality of life of several people has deteriorated, and on the other hand it was also clear, that the installation of the antenna is totally lawful while the value limits are strictly held. At this point we came to the conclusion, that we could make no progress if we did not dare to try something new. Here our defiance was not very high, because we were convinced we would benefit in any case. Our point of view is that it is duty of the organization to be transparent. And this means also to tell the people about the methods for the protection against not ionized beams that failed.

What is BioGeometry?

The BioGeometry is a relatively new science developed and enhanced during the past 30 years by Dr. Karim. Goal of the BioGeometry® is to create a harmonized energy quality in the surroundings of man, animal and plant.

Because the energy fields are distorted by the many buildings and machinery on earth, this leads to accumulated effect on man, animal, and plant as Dr, Karim explains. By using special manufactured geometry forms on one hand, and on the other hand inductors that spread the energy quality, a balance of the energy functions can be created. This leads to a better immunity and therefore at the same time a reduction of the negative effect. As such energy inductors that may harmonize the environment one can use the mobile communication network, electric cables, high voltage conductors, all electromagnetic waves, and also water.

Dr. Karim used the knowledge of BioGeometry® in several projects in cooperation with universities in the Middle East, in the USA and in Holland. As an example he treated fields (apple, potato) with BioGeometry® which lead to reduction in parasites, increased the crop, and increased the lifetime of the products in comparison to untreated fields.

An important implementation of BioGeometry® is in Architecture. When the knowledge of BioGeometry® is used from the beginning in constructing buildings, then the energy fields inside the buildings are already harmonized as Dr. Karim confirms.

Dr. Karim emphasizes that the BioGeometry® should not be understood as a medical alternative, even when the resulting balance of biological functions and the increased immunity can lead to well being. Another example in a virus C research, good results have been achieved. BioGeometry® as a mean of quality energy exchange with the environment can only support medical practice, but never substitute it,

More information on BioGeometry® as well as a resume of Dr. Karim is available on


Obviously there were a lot of environmental problems in Hemberg. A lot of earth radiation is found, a lot of electrical installations in the low frequency range, and there is the mobile antenna. From Dr. Karim’s point of view it is difficult to find cause of the disturbance among these many effects. From these various burdens come quality resonance occurrences between the various types of electromagnetic waves. Trigger of this resonance is not necessarily the latest, according to Dr. Karim. And investigating the reason is not the goal of this project. It was more important to help the people.

After analyzing the situation and discussions with the concerned parties Dr. Karim installed geometrical forms on the electric cables of the antenna in the church as well as inside the homes of the affected people. The antenna was chosen as main conductor of Biogeometrical energy, because a huge influence can be achieved using it. The work inside the homes considering individual situations also improved the antenna’s influence. The work was conducted in six days.

The first results according to the affected people are positive. The people now sleep better, have fewer headaches, are less aggressive, and have more energy. They also say that the birds and bats that moved away for a year did return. It is all the outcome of a startling balance. Now the aim is to observe the effect on the long run. Dr. Karim will follow up the project during the next 3 months making enhancements to insure the efficiency during the various weather conditions. And later he will bring special manufactured forms for Hemberg hoping to further improve the situation, or at least to simplify current installations.

The organization will report new results. The organization for mobile communication and environment 28. August 2003

Media Sample: Hirschberg

Dear readers we would like to announce that what is written in the press articles represent their point of view and we are not responsible for any misleading expressions. BioGeometry is the science of using the energy principles of shape to introduce a natural qualitative energy-balancing effect to all living systems. BioGeometry is not intended as a form of medical treatment. Under no circumstances should BioGeometry replace or interfere with medical treatment.

Electro-smog: The Miracle of Hirschberg

Following the success of the first Swiss BioGeometry® project in Hemberg, Dr. Karim / BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. was commissioned by the local government of the Swiss town of Hirschberg to implement a similar solution there. The project was documented by Swiss TV Channel 1 (SF1), and the documentary aired on prime-time TV in Switzerland showing how BioGeometry® was successful in eliminating the ailments of electro-sensitivity, among a number of other health conditions that it remedied, as well as positively impacting the overall ecology of the area. The overwhelming positive impact of BioGeometry® energy-quality balancing on the health of the livestock in the area, (an important economic factor to this rural town, was remarkable. The documentary referred to the successful project as “Electro-smog: The Miracle of Hirschberg.”

Press Release: The second successful BioGeometry® environmental energy-balancing project in Switzerland in the town of Hirschberg.

atskanzlei Marktgasse 2 9050 Appenzell Telefon 071 788 93 24 Telefax 071 788 93 39

To the accredited press services in Kanton Appenzell I. Rh. accredited press services Appenzell, 10. May 2005

Inhabitants in the area of the antenna installation in Hirschberg have recently complained about problems they attribute to the radiation stress caused by this installation.

The “Standescommission”, The Mediation Authority for Mobile communication and Environment (OMK) as well as Swisscom, the owner of the plant, dealt immediately with this situation. In a meeting on the 20th. Of April 2005, the representants of the above-mentioned institutions have thoroughly discussed the problem and took the following decisions:

1. The Kanton Appenzell I.Rh. as well as the OMK will undertake a scientific research project to use BioGeometry® to harmonise the radiation stress around the antenna plant. The preparations for this experiment will be done immediately by OMK who will also undertake the management of the project.

2. The media and the inhabitants will be informed in detail by OMK before the start of the project. More information will be given, solely by OMK upon having established intermediate results and at the final results. Other than those official informations neither the kanton of Appenzell I.Rh. or the OMK will give any further information. This is in order to insure an uninterrupted preparation, execution, and evaluation of the project.

The Mediation Authority for Mobile communication and Environment, Bern “Standescommission” of Appenzell I.Rh.

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