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BioGeometry Brain Balancing Shapes with two BG28 disks – only for Advanced students –

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OL = Opens / Strengthens Left Hemisphere of the Brain, OR = Opens / Strengthen Right Hemisphere of the Brain

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By Michael Maley, Ph.D., BioGeometry Instructor: Wayzata, Minnesota, USA

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At Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s Advanced Topics seminar in November of 2011, the conversation at dinner with the instructors and other colleagues wandered into the topic of BioGeometry and Personal Development and the role that hemispheric balance might have on that activity. Ibrahim mentioned that he had discovered some shapes that would balance the two hemispheres, similar to the way BioSignatures work, and he proceeded to draw them on a sheet of paper. We began testing these shapes on ourselves and each other, first testing the ‘openess’ or ‘shutdownness’ of each side of the brain with the Personal Wavelength (PW), and then exposing each other to the shapes.

Our interest increased as we found that even brief exposure to the shapes opened the hemisphere that had been shut down (changed the PW from CCW to CW). Out of that initial exposure, came some ideas about how to further work with these shapes, and in the paper that follows, the results of these initial explorations are described. Ibrahim generously shared the shapes that he had manufactured as wooden statues and Figure 1 below illustrates how we began and what we used as our original test pattern. OL and OR refer to whether the shape ‘opens’ (restores and/or strengthens a CW pattern) the left or right hemisphere:

OL = Opens / Strengthens Left Hemisphere of the Brain

OR = Opens / Strengthen Right Hemisphere of the Brain

Early testing on many different subjects supported what we had experienced in Asheville—when a hemisphere is shut down (showing a reversal of the PW), exposure to a shape for that side of the brain will correct the reversal and bring the hemisphere online again. This effect was seen in everyone we originally tested. Individual differences began to emerge when we looked at how long the effect would last. For some people it lasted for many hours and for others only a short time.

Hemispheric activation is a very fluid process anyway—some individuals operate with both hemispheres online all the time; others seem to have a dominant hemisphere with the opposite side of the brain more or less permanently shut down; and others, when engaged in a hemispheric specific activity, will somehow render the other hemisphere inactive, but it will come online when their attention shifts or the activity changes. Just like your breathing pattern, the activity you are engaged in will begin to shift the pattern, but it may or may not be a permanent change.

This is quite similar to what occurs with the organ balancing BioSignatures, in that immediate exposure will correct a CCW reversal in the organ, but there is often a need to reinforce that with other kinds of corrections as well to support the organ continuously. To fully correct an organ imbalance, often a consideration of other energy pathways affecting the organ is required (e.g., supporting meridians that move through the area). Other similar BioSignature shapes may also help; other organs may need to be balanced; and it often helps to add other supports (nutritional, homeopathic) as well (1). These procedures represent the effective use of both polarity balancing and Centering for healing physical imbalances.

Our next step was to begin looking at how to make the effect of the shapes more permanent and how to determine the effect of the balancing on the individual’s energy system, subjective experience, and behavior. In this report, we look at preliminary explorations of three different aspects of shape exposure – length of exposure, other supporting interventions to deepen the absorption, and the effects of the shapes on organ imbalances. In Appendix I there is a short summary of the functions of the two hemispheres and how important hemispheric balance is to effective physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and cultural harmony.


SUGGESTED EXERCISE: See if you can replicate the phenomena of the shapes balancing the hemispheres. Find some subjects, take their PW with a neutral pendulum or the IKUP, place your hand close to the side of their head or point to the side of their head, and notice whether or not their PW stays CW or reverses into a CCW response. Then expose them to the shapes for some time and measure again. Note whether the shapes correct the CCW pendulum response. If you are able, test after some time to see how long the balancing lasts, or ask them to look at the shapes frequently and see what happens.


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