IK Universal and BG3 Emitter – Priority is given to BioGeometry students

Geometric Energy Emitter & Spiritual Resonance Pendulum: -is a highly sensitive pendulum for dowsing detrimental energies -raises the energy of the user -open the chakra in a few seconds -energizing and balancing acupuncture points.

79.56 CHF

Availability: Available on backorder

Foundation Training Student Tool

This pendulum together with the BG16 pendulum is sold on our website as emitter of BG3 to charge person/an object with beneficial BG3 energy. We use them as testing tools in BioGeometry courses.

The IKUP Pendulum emanates the BG3 from its tip and its shape creates geometric resonance with the planes of nature.

It was specifically designed by Dr.Karim in a shape that creates geometric resonance with the seven spiritual planes.  Used as a pendulum or a necklace to put the emission into wearer’s energy field.

Please note that this is a student tool covered in the Foundation training and does not come with instructions.

Details :
Product Dimensions : 5.5 cm x 0.8 cm

BG3 (BioGeometry 3-discovered by Dr.Karim) is a harmonizing energy balancing quality that is detected through its resonance with 3 energy qualities (Horizontal Negative Green, Higher Harmonics of Ultraviolet  & Higher Harmonics of Gold) found simultaneously aas the main components of the One Energy Quality and in the same energy quality found in sacred power spots through out the world-

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