Upcoming Courses & Seminars

  1. Seminario Avanzato di BioGeometria, Istruttore Kris Attard – Milano 2019

    May 14 - May 19
  2. BioGeometry Foundation Training – Zug, Switzerland by Kris ATTARD

    June 4 - June 9
  3. BioGeometry Special Topics June 2019 with Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Victoria, BC, Canada !

    June 27 - June 30
  4. BioGeometry Foundation Training with Doreya Karim – Geneva 2019

    August 28 - September 2
Students tools are biogeometry students essential tools for their diffenent training course. Before Purchase, you have to be verified as a student of our different training programme of different teacher. Please send us a message using the right form for verification and confirmation regarding purchase students tool.

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