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    Corso di Base di BioGeoemtria con Kris Attard in Assisi 29 marzo - 3 aprile, dalle 10 alle 17h Early Bird + Bonus di Euro 270 offerto da BioGeometry Europe. : Euro 1'080 per tutte le registrazioni confermate entro il 28 febbraio. Basta solo effettuare un primo deposito di Euro 360. Il resto potrete pagarlo in 2 comode rate di Euro 360 prima del 28 marzo. Dal 1 marzo il costo sarà di Euro 1'180 . Quando siete sulla pagina del pagamento selezionate il bonifico bancario cosi' potrete pagare l'importo da voi scelto. Strumenti inclusi nel prezzo:Pendoli BG 16, IKUP e set di pendoli Orizzontale& Verticale. Se avete già un pendolo di BioGeometria, il prezzo vi sarà dedotto. Si raccomanda di acquistare i 2 libri scritti dal fondatore Dr. Ibrahim Karim: “Il Futuro Benedetto dal Passato”e “Le Tracce della BioGeometria”al prezzo di 22 Euro l’uno.
  • Prix Titanium BS Pendant : 199.- chf , promotion 179 .- until 31st January .
  • The BioGeometry' Physics of Quality' creates a new scientific paradigm to lead humanity into the future. This is only possible through understanding the true nature of the background subtle energy medium as the highly energetic life force within the universal mind in which all creation manifests. This work presents new holistic concepts of pulsating time-space, producing the emotional, mental, radiation and attraction forces in creation.
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    Les nouveaux secrets énergétiques de l'Egypte Ancienne et de la Grande Pyramide sont révélés. Vous allez apprendre: -Comment Harmoniser les technologies modernes -Comment harmoniser la radiation électromagnétique -La Physique de la Qualité : chaque choae a sa place dans la symphonie universelle...
  • This watch is produced by renown watch maker IWC. The case is made in steel and the strap in black leather. Under the crystal there are imbedded the BioSignatures, a special branch of BioGeometry, precisely constructed linear diagrams that have the same geometric resonant configurations as specific vital energy patterns..similar to the Energy Meridians in Chinese Medecine.
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    La Tracce di BioGeometria e Il Futuro Benedetto dal Passato sono i due libri scritti dal Dr. Ibrahim Karim. Per tutto il mese di Agosto i due libri sono in promozione per 36€ con consegna gratuita in Italia.
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    These books are the best way to understand BioGeometry and get ready for courses.
  • The NEW BioGeometry Cell Phone Energy Balancing Sticker harmonize the energy interaction between the mobile phone's electro-magnetic fields and the body's own energy. Due to increasing EMF radiations (5G),  Dr.Ibrahim Karim added as a frame 2 L90 and 4 BioSignatures : (from left to right) Protection from Dehydration, Ears, Bronchi, Electro-smog. .
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    BioSignatures, a special branch of BioGeometry, are precisely constructed linear diagrams that have the same geometric resonant configurations as specific vital energy patterns within the... organs in the body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians, but are related to the energy flow within the organs, which play a major role in “forming” the organs’ functions. The BioSignature products, contain a wide range of BioSignatures  in  special configurations that when worn close to the body become activated by the body’s peripheral energy being channeled through them (in a manner similar to electricity activating the circuits on a computer chip). The activated BioSignatures then resonate (like musical notes vibrating in resonance) with the corresponding energy patterns in the organs of the body; causing a harmonic amplification that clears subtle energy blockages and restores proper flow and qualitative balance within the functions of the corresponding body organs.
  • The BioGeometry Energy Balancing Home Kit is a simple and effective set of tools to provide BioGeometry Energy Quality Balancing for an average size home. ... It includes tools to harmonize the body's energy intercations with the energy fields of the electrical and water systems in the house, as well as with external electromagnetic radiation effecting the home environment.It also provides solutions for many energy disturbances caused by geographic stress. The BioGeometry Home Kit also harmonizes many disturbances arising from the architectural form and structure of the house. It can be easily installed in minutes, and it starts working immediately to transform your house into a more enjoyable, energetically harmonized home environment. The Home Kit includes: 1 x Home Energy-Balancing Cube, 1 x BioGeometry Clearing Tray, 3 x Electricity Attachments. ( labeled with E ) 1 x 16/19 attachment ( labeled with E.P. ), 2 x Water Attachments, 8 x L90 Stickers (Version 2019) Instructions are included.
  • The “L” 90 pendant combines several BioGeometry forming principles to create a field of natural energy-balancing qualities. The L 90 helps balance the body's vital, emotional and mental subtle energy levels from environmental stressors such as electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress.

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