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A 6 day training of theory and practical comprising Levels 1, 2,3 with Kris Attard, Certified BioGeometry Instructor from Malta.

This training consists of 3 levels taught together over six days in a training experience that is highly immersive and enjoyable, thanks to the fascination of the subject as well as the instructor’s renowned teaching style. Besides theory and slides, there is hands‐on training in the techniques, including the physical method of radiasthesia; the use of BioGeometry tools and pendulums; measuring energy frequencies; detecting and affecting earth energy lines; balancing rooms and spaces; using Biosignatures to promote health; and so on. Detailed manuals are provided, including hundreds of exclusive Biosignature patterns in Level 3. BioGeometry pendulums will be available for use during the training, and participants will have the option of buying their own tools at the seminar.

DATES: 4th – 9th June 2019


Oberwiler Kurse
Artherstrasse 112
CH-6317 Oberwil / Zug

PRICE: Discounted fee of CHF1100.- if registered by end March 2019

CHF1200.- if registered by end April 2019

Full price of CHF1300.- thereafter.

Price includes: all Levels 1,2 and 3 courses with manuals and handouts. Accommodation is not included, but options and suggestions and where applicable, special rates, will be provided.

Special BioGeometry tools are required, cost CHF180.-

Please contact:

Linda Giannacopoulos on +41 76 324 03 29 or linda_gianna@hotmail.com

BioGeometry Europe on +41 (0)22 732 77 83 or contact@biogeometryeurope.com



Kris Attard is a personal development teacher from Malta who has been involved in the study of ancient wisdom and holistic science for many years. He is one of the few BioGeometry Instructors in the world and the first such teacher in Europe, having trained and certified with the founder of BioGeometry, Dr Ibrahim Karim in Cairo, Egypt. Kris has been teaching since 1995 and has conducted workshops in 17 countries on intuition, sacred geometry and related subjects. His clients have ranged from public to specialised groups, including therapists, consultants and top businesses.
He is also senior instructor of MindScape, a form of intuition training. Kris’ training background has included gestalt psychotherapy, BodyTalk energy medicine, Feng Shui, and various spiritual and esoteric philosophies. He is the author of the MindScape Manual and is publishing exclusive research on sacred geometry and earth energies in the ancient Neolithic temples of the Maltese Islands, of which he also organises special tours.



The training can be done by anybody. It will particularly appeal to holistic practitioners, healers, metaphysical students, architects, designers, landscapers, artists, Feng Shui consultants, farmers …. indeed anyone interested in understanding and affecting the invisible levels of life, for their well‐being and those around them!



The first benefit of learning BioGeometry is the expanded worldview it gives. Its concepts shed new light on life in terms of the vast interactions of energy and qualities, both at the tangible levels as well as the hidden subtle energy levels. The training can be done by anybody. It will particularly appeal to holistic practitioners, healers, metaphysical students, architects, designers, landscapers, artists, Feng Shui consultants, farmers …. indeed anyone interested in understanding and affecting the invisible levels of life, for their well‐being and those around them!

There are many practical applications.
‐ you can balance the energies in your home or office, for your benefit and those around you
‐ minimize effects of electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress and the other negative factors which assail us
‐ help promote health and well‐being with Biosignature patterns which assist the body’s systems
‐ create favourable conditions for plants, crops or animals
‐ discern if something is suitable for you (or others) or not. ‐

Level 3 techniques are ideal for those n architecture, design or art, as they enable the creation of designs that emanate harmonious qualities, be it a house or a logo.




We begin with the fundamentals that enable us to work with
BioGeometry as well as understand the subtle energy
interactions around us, from healing processes to spiritual
techniques. Some topics:
‐ Ancient wisdom & modern science; the consciousness shift; science and spirituality
‐ The BioGeometry holistic worldview
‐ The Physics of Quality: nature of transcendental Quality
‐ The 12 qualities of the Energy Spectrum, and the three components of the harmonizing spiritual energy
‐ The Higher Harmonic of Gold
‐ The Higher Harmonic of Ultra‐violet
‐ The Spiritual Carrier Wave.
‐ How to detect, generate and use the BG3 qualities.
‐ Tools of BioGeometry, from patterns to pendulums
‐ Shapes, patterns and numbers used in BioGeometry that harmonize and transmute energy.
‐ BG16/ IKUP /Djed‐Wadj emitters
‐ Distance methods of harmonization
‐ Pythagoras, harmonics and ancient secret temple science
‐ From Neolithic dowsing to radiesthesia
‐ Fixed polarity emitters
‐ Energic qualities of domes, pyramids and cones
‐ Use of pyramids and domes for spiritual work; the secret adjustments to filter the energy
‐ The Pi ray and its use for initiation
‐ Dr Ibrahim Karim’s work in evolving BioGeometry as a modern science
‐ Various uses and research projects of BioGeometry.

Practicals include:‐ use of the neutral pendulum; detecting and working with our personal wavelength, testing food etc for affinity / compatibility; and more.



In this Level we learn hands‐on techniques of physical radiesthesia which enable you to detect and work with energies. We will also address some powerful BioGeometry solutions for everyday life.

Topics include:‐
‐ From ancient Radiesthesia to the European research in the early 1900s; shape‐caused waves; work of Chaumery, Belizal, Enel, Turenne
‐ Detecting and measuring energy frequencies and utilising them in different ways; beneficial / detrimental energies;
‐ BioGeometry alchemy, protecting from detrimental energies by transmuting them.
‐ The BG16 pendulum, use with chakras, acupuncture points; the advanced Vertical & Horizontal pendulums
‐ The BioGeometry Vertical & Horizontal Dial pendulums detailed use for detecting beneficial and detrimental qualities; also the Neutral pendulum
‐ Egyptian scepters and BioGeometery Emitter Pendulums.
‐ The Energy Wheel for harmonising constellation dynamics; using Resonator forms
‐ Creating virtual centres and transcendental doorways; Energizing objects through the Centering technique
‐ Colour Energy Balancing technique to harmonize spaces
‐ Using the Turenne Rulers (supplied)
‐ Other techniques for harmonising your home
‐ Counteracting electro‐magnetic radiation
‐ Detecting power spots, earth energy lines and grids, and how to transmute and work with them to your benefit.



Level 3 of the Foundation Training addresses two important subjects in the study of BioGeometry:

You receive hundreds of patterns and charts to use for helping to balance yourself or others.
‐ What they are, how they work and their role
‐ Using Biosignatures & Bionumerals; the Biosignature cards Practical includes Finding the Biosignatures needed for an individual; distance methods of resonating them in the energy field.

One important aspect of BioGeometry is learning to generate harmonizing qualities within any design, be it a logo, product, house layout, garden, etc.

Topics include:
‐ Techniques to create BG3 within a design
‐ Using the emitting BioGeometry numbers in design;
‐ Ancient sacred geometry; living temples
‐ Specific shapes / proportions used in sacred architecture

Practicals include: drawing BioGeometry designs and measuring the energy; designing a logo based on your name which emits the harmonizing energy; working with energy of dolmens and pyramids and filtering the energy as the ancients did; and more!