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2-Day BG-EHS Licensed Independent Practitioner Review Training

2-day price : CHF 430.–
1 day assessment price : CHF 215.-
This event is a refresher / bridge workshop for students who have already attended the BG-EHS Practitioner class within the last two years, but have not completed their assessments yet. Licensed BG-EHS Practitioners may also attend the first 2 days for review. The BG-EHS Practitioner Review offers BG-EHS Licensees & Trainees the opportunity to review and apply the newly introduced  3×3 BG3 Centers (power-spots) Solution, as well as the opportunity to complete the BG-EHS License requirements via in-person assessments.
This will be followed by a day – Oct. 11 or 12- (or two, depending on the number of applicants) of individual applied testing for those who have not submitted their assessments already.

BG-EHS Program Prospectus 2019

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