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BG-EHS Applied Skills Workshop taught by Sayed Karim, in English. September 26 – 29, 2019 – Geneva, Switzerland
Early Reservation: until July 31st CHF 970.–
Regular price: after August 1st CHF 1120.–

WHAT IT IS: This 4-day workshop builds on the BioGeometry Energy-Quality Measurement (BG-EQM) and BioGeometry Energy-Quality Balancing (BG3-EQB) skills acquired at the BioGeometry FoundaIon (FT) and Advanced (AT) classes, and introduces students to advanced techniques that enable them to apply those skills with increased accuracy, efficiency and effecIveness.
Using the BG-EHS framework, along with specific footwork techniques, students will also learn how to efficiently map Earth gridlines, as well as learn how to idenIfy and best uIlize the environmental BG3 centers (power-spots) within a home, for increased BG3 environmental harmonizaIon, using a spectrum of BG3 Centers SoluIons. This workshop is a personal development class, and does not license students for any commercial BioGeometry / BG-EHS work.

WHO IT’S FOR: This workshop is open to all BioGeometry AT graduates who are interested in furthering their BG applied environmental harmonizaIon skills, as well as to those who which to pursue the BG-EHS licensing tracks.

PREREQUISITE: BioGeometry Advanced Training